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Everybody gets to Train

The School of Kingdom Ministry is dedicated to the idea that Kingdom Ministry is for everyone; Jesus said “Anyone who believes in me will do the same and greater works” (John 14:12), and we think that by “anyone” Jesus meant just that. As such, we’re dedicated to building a school on a model that isn’t prohibitive in terms of time or money. Most of us can’t afford to quit our job or take a year off to participate in the immersive training model that most supernatural ministry schools are built on. Clearly that is a powerful transformative experience, but many of us with families and commitments simply can’t make that model work.

To that end School of Kingdom Ministry wants to train those who can’t participate in other schools, which means it can’t take all your time, it can’t cost thousands of dollars and it has to be local; we bring the school to you instead of bring you to the school. By taking a group approach we can pool our resources and have a world-class experience the everyday person can experience.

Empowering the Local Church

We love traveling experiences; you experience new things, make new friends and are stretched in new and exciting ways. That being said, there are some problems for a non-local training experience – namely that you bond with the leaders and people with whom you train. That means that if training isn’t happening in the context of the local church, those studying are actually pulled away from their church relationally.

We’ve all had someone go off to a conference or training experience and come back to the church disenfranchised and try and change the church when they get back. That’s the problem with this approach – it doesn’t train and deploy people in their own church. We want to take a different approach; let’s train the local church and work with them to train and deploy. This way relational bonding in the local church is strengthened instead of stretched, and the benefits of the training and practice (healing rooms, power evangelism, etc) happen in your local church.

Learning by Doing

We believe that education pulled apart from action will never result in transformation. To that end, we spend more time doing than we do talking. The School of Kingdom Ministry is designed to spend roughly equal times on three different facets of training (click the title to see more about each training component):


Education about various facets of power ministry. We bring guest teachers in as well as having a local teaching staff. This part of the training is uniform across all SoKM locations to guarantee a uniformity of experience.


Get your feet wet in the supernatural with a guide to help you along the way. We have a whole curriculum of activities designed to help you experience and learn to flow with the gifts of the Spirit. This portion is led by the local SoKM leader.


Put into practice what they’ve been learning in a number of different ministry contexts. Having a variety of activities gives a more rounded and more stretching experience for everyone. These practice activities are led by the local SoKM leader.


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