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Teaching is a critical part of the School of Kingdom Ministry experience. The fact is that many of us have a number of theological hindrances that hold us back from experiencing the power of God. Our picture of God, ourselves and how ministry works holds us back from what we could be walking in. The teaching component of our classes is aimed at providing a comprehensive practical understanding on which power ministry is built.

The teaching component of the School of Kingdom Ministry is delivered digitally to guarantee a uniformity of experience across all the locations. This also allows us to bring our gifted teachers and guest lecturers to every location, something that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. But don’t worry – we’re dedicated to producing the highest quality digital materials, so you won’t mind the teaching not being live at all.

First Semester Subjects

The first semester provides the necessary background for fruitfulness in power ministry. Students will be activated and practice from the first day of class, but we find that addressing these issues immediately before we specifically teach on power ministry itself is more effective.

  • Worldviews – what they are and how they affect our ability to move in the supernatural.
  • Kingdom Theology – a framework for understanding the supernatural conflict we all live in and its relation to the gospel.
  • The Holy Spirit – the functions of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life as well as studying the gifts He gives.
  • Identity – how we should and do see ourselves as believers, and the foundation that provides for moving in supernatural ministry.
  • Community – the way we relate to others and how it affects our impact in the Kingdom of God.

Second Semester Subjects

Having laid the foundation of understanding in the first semester, the second semester focuses on various facets of power ministry directly.

  • Power Evangelism – how the gifts of the Holy Spirit are designed to radically impact unbelievers.
  • Prophecy – hearing the voice of God and learning to release God’s heart to others.
  • Physical Healing – healing of physical ailments.
  • Emotional Healing – learning to release people from emotional burdens into freedom.
  • Deliverance – releasing people from demonic bondage in their lives.

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