Senior Pastor

Neil Haney

Neil Haney has been on the pastoral staff of Vineyard Church of Northridge since June of 1988. He graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in 1987 with a Masters of Divinity and served his first year in Springfield as the Clark County Jail Chaplain ministering to inmates. Neil served from 1988 to 1995 as Associate Pastor which included being involved in and overseeing youth ministry and counseling. From 1996 to the present, he has served as Senior Pastor. Neil has a…
Office Administrator

Lynn Adams

Lynn Adams moved to Springfield in the spring of 1994 and began attending Vineyard Church of Northridge soon after.  She joined the staff in 1996. Obviously, She likes it here! =) She raised her two kids in this church and and now enjoys the presence of her grandchildren on Sunday mornings. She’s a nature-lover (big fan of the ocean) and also likes reading, relaxing, and eating – so yes, going on a cruise IS her idea of a good time!  She’s not a fan of spiders,…
Director of Children’s Ministries

Karen Bruce

Hi! My name is Karen Bruce. I’m a hometown girl – born and raised here in Springfield – Go Panthers! I am a widow and have three adult children. I love music, crafts, organizing, spending time with my kids at the beach every year, and reading all day by the pool. I have been a member of the VCN family for over thirty years. I have been involved with many ministries at the church, most of them involving kids. From…